Derrick Farris

Engineer // Writer // Leader

About Me


My name is Derrick Farris and I am an engineer, writer, and leader. One phrase that might best describe me is a "creator of things". I like creating things from something others may see as nothing. I also really enjoy discovering how things work and fixing them. I often end up solving problems in ways that are considered unorthodox or haven't been proven, but I believe sometimes that's what's necessary; not every problem has an easy solution, but I believe no problem is unsolvable.

Although I am far from having it all figured out, my passion is taking initiative and discovering solutions — even in the face of uncertainty. Above all, I enjoy empowering and teaching others to do the things I am adept at. What's most important to me is growing others not only in their skills, but also as people. At the end of the day, I believe strongly that people are what's most important.


Node.js Development Tutorial

A screenshot of a random moment in the video.
A few years back I started a tutorial series to teach beginners how to make simple Node.js web applications. However, looking back I thought all of the videos minus this one were not too helpful. I've left this video up and since its upload, it has received 2.5k views and a lot of positive feedback.

An image of the website.
Last year I designed the website while working on the Shardus project. While working at Shardus as a lead engineer, I also had the opportunity to design the website to display the project's vision.

Article: Working in Blockchain

A screenshop of the article.
While working at Shardus, I published two articles describing what I had learned working in blockchain, and specifically a blockchain startup. I wrote both articles to help those who are getting into the field and generally those who are entering the startup space for the first time, and between the two, this article received the most positive feedback.


A few years ago, I traveled outside of the country for the first time ever during a 6-month internship abroad with Tata Consultancy Services.

An airport sign saying 'Welcome to Hyderabad'

I landed in Hyderabad, India at 2 in the morning after a 22-hour journey. At that moment, my life changed forever. I realized that there is much more to life than what we experience in our immediate surroundings: there's a whole world out there that you can't know from the comfort of your home.

A group photo from an Indo-Western fashion show.

During my journey, I met some amazing people and learned a lot about the world and even more about myself. For that reason, I count this experience as one of the most important of my entire life...

Project World Citizen

... Which is why I've decided to start something I call 'Project World Citizen'.

Project World Citizen will be dedicated to connecting the world, not only digitally, but also physically. Too many people in the world do not know the importance of travel in understanding both the world and the people around us.

The project will aim to promote and facilitate world travel and inspire others to be more involved in the global community, as well as provide opportunities to do so, irrespective of finances.

Through this project, I hope to help others have life-changing experiences similar to the one I had and create a community around making that happen.